A glimpse into our life

Grow And Let Grow

Grow and let grow

This is our motto. A company grows when the people in it grow. Here, we share the same dreams and values.

One Heart One Aim

One heart one aim

Our beliefs and ethics may be different

We may come from different places and speak different tongues

But the aim in our hearts is one and the same

And that is to touch the sky and reach beyond

The culture we cherish

  • Trust between all levels of staff
  • Constant meetings that make sure every voice is heard
  • Paid parental leaves
  • Free food and snacks
  • Health benefits
  • Company outings, happy hours and celebrations
  • Opportunity to grow and become the leader
  • Genuine leave policy
Our Feminists Side

Our feminist side

Mitsogo’s gender neutral policies offer women the safest and one of the best places to work and have a perfect balanced personal and work life.
Equal opportunities for both male and female staff
Pay based on performance alone
Paid maternity leave for 180 days
We Offer

We offer

A culture rich atmosphere
Space and resources to grow
Opportunity to discover one's abilities
Platform to bring out one's original self

Enjoying our growth together

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We need you to be a part of us

Mitsogo is a fast growing company. From our experience, it's the people here that help us grow… and we’re nowhere near done growing. If you are determined to do your best, then you’ll be a great fit here.

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